• Cuban OK without D-Will, but goes off on Kidd

    Summary of 4 articles · Updated Aug 22, 2012
    Cuban said he missed a call from Kidd because the owner and his family were in a D.C. Kidd wasn’t the only player to leave from last year’s roster but he was the one whose departure made owner Mark Cuban say today: “I was pissed.” Cuban went on ESPN Radio in Dallas and was the kind of open Cuban fans and journalists love and NBA officials cringe at. "J-Kidd's a big boy, he can do whatever he wants," Cuban said. "The conversation we had going back and forth and obviously the decision was to go for him but the conversation was, 'OK, once you add $17.1 million in salary to what we'd have with Dirk and Trix , then what do you do?' That's your squad. To look at the Mavericks’ 2012 offseason from an optimist’s point of view, Dallas has more than enough salary cap room to make one of the best bids for Dwight Howard next summer in free agency.
    • Mark Cuban Says Mavs Don’t Need Deron Williams; Blake Griffin Makes A Change

      Mark Cuban went through a spell during the Mavs’ championship run in 2011 where he was as quiet as we’ve ever heard him. He made no headlines, said no controversial things and didn’t even get fined by the NBA. He’s making up for lost time this sum
      Source: dimemag.com

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