• Cubs hire first official mascot in modern club history — Clark the bear

    Summary of 9 articles · Updated Jan 15, 2014
    The Cubs had been one of the four Major League Baseball teams holding out and going without a mascot. That's the look of the first Chicago Cubs mascot since the team brought a live bear at Wrigley Field starting in 1916 for a number of seasons. As we look to develop the next generation of fans, the mascot will help that. "Clark is a young, friendly Cub who can't wait to interact with our other young Cubs fans. The Chicago Cubs listened to their fans and delivered something the franchise has lacked for mos...
    • Sports channel mistakenly airs X-rated version of Cubs mascot

      For nearly 10 seconds Tuesday night, CSN Mid-Atlantic mistakenly aired an X-rated cartoon version of the Chicago Cubs new mascot, Clark the bear. The Cubs announced the creation of Clark the day before and have gotten, seemingly, a mixed reaction. The b…
      Source: yahoo.com
    • Comcast SportsNet Airs Our Version Of Cubs Mascot With Cock And Balls

      Earlier this week we introduced you to terrifying Cubs mascot Clark The Cub and invited you to do horrible things to him. We started you off with Jim Cooke's full-frontal rendition, which is exactly what Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic aired to viewers a…
      Source: deadspin.com
    • Cubs Are Disappointed You Did Such Filthy Things To Their New Mascot

      It's been a rough two days for Clark the Cub, the Chicago Cubs' dumb new mascot. We put a gross dick on him, and a lot of other people did some not-so-nice things to him as well. The Cubs have noticed all of this, and they are tired of all the tomfooler…
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    • Cubs on mascot backlash: 'Despicable'

      The Chicago Cubs weren't surprised by some of the backlash from the announcement of their first official mascot of the modern era, but a team spokesman said some critics went too far with reactions on social media.
      Source: ESPN.com
  • Contest: Do Something Horrible To The Cubs' New, Perverted Mascot

    The Cubs' new mascot is a nightmarish, perverted furry, and it deserves to have horrible things done to it. Gawker art director Jim Cooke has already gotten this party started. Do your worst.Read more...
    Source: deadspin.com

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