• Curious case of 49ers' Ricardo Lockette

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Aug 23, 2013
    On Thursday, the 49ers cut receiver Ricardo Lockette, a former Seahawk who became so close to 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick that Lockette described them during the offseason as “inseparable.” Lockette could not keep the momentum going in Seattle. They loved Lockette's combination of size and speed . There is nothing preventing Lockette from resurfacing elsewhere or even reviving his career with the 49ers at some point in the future. And so Lockette becomes a free agent, with only a few days to land on a 90-man roster before all rosters shrink to a limit of 75, which comes only a few days before all rosters shrink to 53. The arms race between the Seahawks and 49ers apparently applies only to players who can, you know, play. If they viewed him as being worthy as one of the eight spots above the 53-man roster, logic suggests he would have made it at least to the final 75.

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