• Dan Snyder says he fired Vinny Cerrato for letting him hire Jim Zorn

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Jan 29, 2013
    Gary got Snyder to talk to him about the reasons for the hirings and firings of past Redskins coaches, including Marty Schottenheimer, Steve Spurrier and Jim Zorn, and to explain that the reason he fired GM Vinny Cerrato was because Cerrato did a poor job of protecting Snyder from himself. It's possible that the reason he's been able to do so is that he has the kind of GM he didn't think Cerrato turned out to be. On Jim Zorn: “The general manager needs to prevent the owner from hiring someone who’s not qualified. And Snyder dropped a few fascinating nuggets, such as these: Snyder contractually promised Shanahan that he'd stay out of the spotlight and let Shanahan build and run the team his way, and he appears to have kept that promise. I thought we might have, but then I read the Snyder-heavy chapter in Gary Myers’s new book “Coaching Confidential,” which is a terrific read for the NFL -obsessed.
  • Inside the mind of Dan Snyder

    Gary Myers' new book, Coaching Confidential, apparently contains a chapter that should be of great interest to Washington Redskins fans, as it sprung from an apparently lengthy interview with Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Gary got Snyder to talk to him abo…
    Source: ESPN.com

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