• DeAngelo Hall: I’m a great guy, ref is equally at fault for incident

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Nov 1, 2012
    But me and the ref was equally at fault on that particular play.” “It was just a back and forth between me and that particular ref,” Hall said. “From that particular camera angle you can’t see what that ref’s saying to me,” Hall said, via the Washington Post. Hall said this week that McKenzie was yelling at him, too, and that McKenzie was equally to blame. Hall became enraged when Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders was not flagged for a hit that Hall viewed as a cheap shot. “So it looks like I’m just out there giving him a piece of my mind and he’s smiling and walks away.
    • DeAngelo Hall will be fined, not suspended, for incident with ref

      Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall won’t be suspended after he was ejected from Sunday’s game against the Steelers for screaming at an official. The NFL has decided instead to fine Hall for his actions, the Washington Post reports. There’s no word ye

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