• Despite Opening Day loss, no need for Yankees fans to panic with plenty of baseball left to be played

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Apr 1, 2013
    ALL IS NOT LOST ON YANKEES’ SEASON You’d have thought the Yankees were down eight runs, not three. This is a picture Yankees Stadium, on opening day, in the bottom of the ninth, as snapped and tweeted by Les Carpenter of Yahoo! Sports: The writers and the bloggers and the twitterers can make fun of the Yankees all they want. So to the sellout Stadium crowd of 49,514, who endured, well, a lot of Monday’s tedious 8-2 Yankee loss to the Red Sox, in and around a couple of Broadway recruits’ screeching, horrific performances of the “Star-Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America,” you must remember this: It is only one game and the rest of the season can’t possibly be as bad as this.
    • With CC Sabathia struggling on Opening Day, it's tough to see how Yankees will turn things around

      Kevin Youkilis had barely finished his swing, striking out to end the seventh with a couple of runners on base, when the Stadium began emptying out as if someone had called in a bomb scare.
    • Look at all these empty seats at the New York Yankees’ sad opening day

      The New York Yankees have been picked to finish in last place. They've been dissed by baseball writers. And even mocked by magazines. But the biggest condemnation came Monday afternoon from Yankee fans, who didn't even stick around to see the the end of…
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