• Dez Bryant fined $7,875 for throat slash gesture

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Sep 25, 2013
    Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant said Wednesday that he plans to appeal his $7,875 fine that’s been handed down by the NFL for a throat slash gesture he made Sunday following his first-quarter touchdown against St. Louis. The NFL banned the throat slash gesture in November 1999. Bryant said Monday and reiterated it Wednesday that he didn’t make a true throat-slash gesture Sunday where he raked his thumb across his throat. Also, Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick said he wasn’t fined for hitting Bradford high on Sunday and doesn’t expect to be fined. Bryant said Monday that he knew a fine was coming by the league and said then he would appeal the fine. He did, however, rake his right hand across his neck area after he celebrated with his traditional X, where he crosses his arms in an X toward the crowd.

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