• Doc Rivers is still playing catch up with his Los Angeles Clippers, and Chris Paul is a step ahead of him

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    Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul was never expected to leave Los Angeles, which is why the hiring of former Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers was never considered a prerequisite to Paul signing a five-year, $107 million contract earlier in July. Doc Rivers' knows most of these guys' names To Rivers’ glee, he has a point guard in Paul that’s already one step ahead of him, not unlike Rivers’ former point man from Boston, Rajon Rondo. Rivers says it’s time to change that. Chris Paul has turned out to be the exact same way.” According to Rivers, it is that familiarity of getting to see him day in and day out and learning what makes him tick that has helped endear him to his teammate. Weddle sprinted 40 yards lowered his shoulder into ’ body with all his might taking the Chargers quarterback to the ground and laughing as he stood over him. But not to worry.
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  • Rivers says Chargers’ focus is winning division games

    The Chargers won the AFC West in each of quarterback Philip Rivers‘ first four seasons as the starter. Now they’ve missed the playoffs in three straight seasons. Rivers says it’s time to change that. In an interview on NFL Network, Rivers said that the …
  • Weddle, Rivers Have Strong Ties On and Off Field

    Heading into their seventh season together, Eric Weddle and Philip Rivers share a unique bond.
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