• Doug Fister tucked a Jayson Werth garden gnome into his shirt

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Aug 19, 2014
    After Jayson Werth scored Rendon with a sacrifice fly to give the Nationals the lead, Fister was spotted in the Nationals dugout with a Jayson Werth garden gnome peeking out from the neck hole of his shirt. Thanks to Adam LaRoche hitting a solo home run sorry, gnome run the Nats won 5-4 in 11 innings. Does this mean all of the nats will be wearing Jayson Werth Rally Gnomes for the rest of the season? That would be an impossible dream come true. The "rally cap" is a well-meaning but horrible idea in which baseball players on the bench or fans in the stands literally turn their hats inside out and wear them in order to change a team's luck.

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