• Dungy on the Redskins, RGIII and celebrity

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Dec 2, 2013
    “I don’t blame that all on RGIII,” Dungy then said. “You also see this celebrity element that’s part him, part the organization, but something’s not the RGIII that I saw coming out,” former NFL exec Scott Pioli said before Sunday’s loss. You go back to Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith all the big name guys he’s brought in there they put that around RGIII.” “I blame the Washington Redskins for this,” Donovan McNabb said last week, discussing the celebritification of RGIII. The Redskins sideline, in a fit of jeal...
    • RGIII’s run-in with the sideline

      The Redskins sideline, in a fit of jealousy over the media attention given to the turf at FedEx Field, decided to thrust itself into the spotlight Sunday night, bringing down Robert Griffin III as he ran out of bounds. As he hit the rubberized track nea…

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