• Dwight Freeney reports to Chargers

    Summary of 12 articles · Updated Jun 6, 2013
    When the Chargers need him, Dwight Freeney says he'll be ready. "When I came out of college, it was, 'Dwight, you're not big enough to play in the National Football League,'" Freeney said. New San Diego pass-rusher Dwight Freeney is comfortable with how the Chargers plan to use him . There'd be a wait period, the Chargers knew upon signing Dwight Freeney, before the outside linebacker reported to their organized team activities. Freeney and Manning were teammates with the Indianapolis Colts for 10 seasons, but the pass rusher could never hit the quarterback in practice. As for not joining a Chargers practice until 18 days after getting a two-year contract, Freeney said he hadn't planned on signing with the team, which committed $8.75 million to him four days after Melvin Ingram suffered a torn ACL at practice. “It was ‘Dwight, here, we’re going to take you and put you into this than do things that you’re not used to doing.’ He said, ‘We’re going to places to make plays and familiar places so that you’re comfortable and you can just ball out.’ I think that was the biggest thing.”
    • Freeney's collusion talk draws fire

      A former NFL exec/coach says age, not collusion, led to Dwight Freeney's slow market.
    • AFC West notes: New San Diego pass-rusher Dwight Freeney is comfo…

      New San Diego pass-rusher Dwight Freeney is comfortable with how the Chargers plan to use him. San Diego employs a 3-4 defense, while Freeney has excelled in 4-3 looks. However, the Chargers are multiple on passing downs and it should easily put Freeney…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Dwight Freeney: "Like First Day of Kindergarten"

      Dwight Freeney met with the media shortly after his first practice with the San Diego Chargers.
      Source: chargers.com
    • Exclusive Interview with Dwight Freeney

      New outside linebacker Dwight Freeney granted an exclusive interview with our very own Nicoletta Ruhl.
      Source: chargers.com

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