• Eagles Hall of Famer Troy Vincent remembers one coaching transition, discusses current state of Eagles

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    Troy Vincent was once in the situation of the current Eagles, who are 3-7 and playing for a coach who will likely be fired by season's end. Vincent was once on a team like the current Eagles, who are at the bottom of the standings and playing for a coach who will likely be let go. "I was once there. Vincent took pride in his leadership and how he conducted himself and said he does not consider the Eagles' current plight the fault of the coaches but rather of the players. He said he's noticed behavior and read quotes that do not sit well, especially because Vincent took pride in his leadership and how he conducted himself. They knocked down my mailbox when we were living in Yardley, they must have vandalized my house every single day until we had to put up a brick mailbox. That's part of it.
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    • Troy Vincent: I’m offended that the Eagles have no desire to win

      Troy Vincent is a former player who now serves as the NFL’s V.P. of Player Engagement. That title might suggest that he needs to take the diplomatic approach to discussing current NFL players, but Vincent used harsh terms in an interview about one of hi
    • Marcus Hayes: Former star Vincent decries Eagles lack of leadership

      IT'S AS though steel locker-room doors are transparent for Troy Vincent. He isn't in the Eagles' locker room anymore, but he seems to know exactly what's going on.
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    • Eagles' DeSean Jackson leaves game with rib injury

      Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson exited Monday night's game in the first quarter with a rib cartilage injury, but X-rays in the locker room were negative. The team said an MRI and CT scans were set for Tuesday.
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