• Eagles set to begin coaching search in earnest

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Jan 2, 2013
    Kelly, 49, is said to be the top target of both the Eagles and the Cleveland Browns, now run by former Eagles president Joe Banner. More importantly, it means that the Eagles will have to compete with six other teams when it comes to signing their next coach. Maybe they were just getting better at it over time, or maybe they waited to unfurl the thing in its full fury until right before the start of the playoffs, but over the last three games their play total has been a full 25 percent above the league av...
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  • Eagles coaching search roundup

    Since the end of the NFL season, seven head coaches have been fired - five of them along with their team's general manager. That means there plenty of openings for potential candidates, including former Eagles coach Andy Reid.
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  • Just our gut: Chip Kelly, Bill O'Brien most appealing to Eagles

    WHAT FOLLOWS is based not upon somebody whispering in my ear. It is more about body language, and tone of voice, and reading between the lines, and understanding the history. It falls somewhere between an educated guess and a gut instinct.
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