• Even players worry about Andy Reid now

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    If Andy Reid's out, he's taking as many players as he can with him. – It isn’t just the rest of the NFL world that is talking about the end of the Andy Reid era with the Eagles. Reid, who is currently on the first six-game losing streak of his coaching career, said he’s not going to worry about anything outside his own locker room. Multiple reports out of Philadelphia on Monday say Reid is not in danger of being fired this week, after the team's sixth straight loss, and Reid made it clear at his news conference Monday that he has no intention of walking away. But Reid can, and whether he's deluding himself or not, he should. So, with one coordinator and two star players down, the bullseye has nowhere else to go but on the head coach. The sentiment is finemedia openly speculating about your job is the cost of doing business in professional sportsbut just being straight up asked at a press conference if you should resign is a whole different animal.
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    • Andy Reid won't abandon the sinking Eagles

      Andy Reid announced Monday that he doesn't intend to resign his position as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, which doesn't really qualify as news, but the question had to be asked.
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    • Eagles coach Andy Reid remains in battle mode

      MAYBE Jeffrey Lurie thinks he is being compassionate, allowing Andy Reid to continue his 14th season coaching the Eagles, as the team drifts more and more listlessly, Lurie presumably saving Reid from the indignity of being fired before the schedule is …
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    • Philadelphia Gets Down To Brass Tacks, Just Asks Andy Reid If He's Going To Resign

      Things are so bad in Philadelphia that reporters are just asking Andy Reid if he's going to quit to save himself the indignity of being fired. The Eagles were soundly defeated by the Redskins yesterday, 31-6, bringing Philly down to 3-7 and all by itsel…
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    • Reid not quitting, could go back to Vick

      Those who have been asking whether Andy Reid will finish out this season as Philadelphia Eagles coach can stop asking. Multiple reports out of Philadelphia today say Reid is not in danger of being fired this week, after the team's sixth straight loss, a…
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    • Andy Reid: Eagles are letting the fans down, but I’ll never quit

      When he walks out onto Lincoln Financial Field a week from tonight, Eagles coach Andy Reid knows he’s going to hear the loudest boos of his coaching career. But he says he can live with that. Reid said at his press conference today that he believes he a
    • LeSean McCoy Gets Concussed, And It's All Andy Reid's Fault

      If Andy Reid's out, he's taking as many players as he can with him. That's the only possible explanation for leaving his starters in until the very end of a blowout loss at Washington, a strategy that paid off with LeSean McCoy receiving a concussion at…
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    • Report: Reid will coach on Monday night

      With the Eagles’ bye week a distant memory, the question becomes whether a week with one extra day in it will result in a coaching change. Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News reports that Andy Reid will remain the head coach when the Eagles host th
    • Eagles players see writing on the wall for Andy Reid

      The Eagles got blown out of the building by the Redskins on Sunday, a result that was bad news for coach Andy Reid. It’s now six straight losses for the Eagles and the margin of defeat keeps getting bigger. Owner Jeffrey Lurie made it clear that the tea
  • Is Marcus Vick taking shot at Andy Reid?

    WE CAN'T BE 100 percent certain, but it looks like Michael Vick's brother is at it again. After the Eagles got spanked by the New Orleans Saints on "Monday Night Football" last month, Marcus Vick tweeted "Please trade my brother. We reque…
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  • Source: Andy Reid to keep job despite Eagles' 6th straight loss

    LANDOVER, Md. - Clad appropriately in all black, Andy Reid trudged down the hallway to the FedEx Field visitors' locker room red-faced, eyes fixed straight ahead, his mustache twitching as he chewed gum, Reid flanked by team security director Dom DiSand…
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