• Everything That's Ridiculous About Steph Curry, In Two Shots

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Nov 1, 2013
    I mean, who gets a four-point play on a fast break with numbers? Steph Curry, that’s who. Just incredible. Steph hit the 3, and was fouled by Dudley for a four-point play. But after 9 three-pointers for 38 points along with 9 dimes and a dreadful 11 turnovers it just wasn’t enough, even if it was incredible to watch Steph shoot: While Paul and Blake Griffin were getting their Lobopolis on, Steph was lying in wait. There was something sorta phantasmic about the two 3-pointers Steph tossed in from what seem...
    Source: deadspin.com
    • The Chris Paul & Stephen Curry Back-And-Forth Still Has Us Amped

      Since both Chris Paul and Stephen Curry originally hail from the North Carolina region, there’s a budding rivalry on the horizon. Paul was heavily recruited coming out of high school and went to ACC school, Wake Forest; Steph toiled in semi-obscurity at…
      Source: dimemag.com

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