• Falcons mindful of Bills WR speed

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    • Atlanta Falcons Show Guts in Win Over Bills

      Not Pretty, but a Win’s a Win Gonzo with a Good Game (AP) Even though the season’s long been lost, the Atlanta Falcons showed some grit and found a way to win against a very talented Buffalo Bills team. It took some big strokes of luck at the end of the…
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    • Bills fumble away a chance to beat the Falcons

      The Bills had to work to lose to the Falcons in Canada Sunday, but they did it. A pair of fumbles, one at the end of regulation by Stevie Johnson and one in overtime by tight end Scott Chandler greased the skids for a game the Bills seemed to control th…
    • Bills and Falcons headed to overtime, eh

      The Falcons needed a few calls to tie the game, then they got a break to keep the Bills from winning it. The Falcons tied the game on a Steven Jackson touchdown run (following a pass interference call in the end zone), but the Bills still had a good cha…
    • Rapid Reaction: Atlanta Falcons

      TORONTO -- A few thought on the Atlanta Falcons' 34-31 overtime victory against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday at Rogers Centre in Toronto: What it means: No matter the outcome, the Falcons' draft status is sure to be a topic of conversation for the remain…
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    • Falcons come back to tie Bills at halftime

      Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s in the stands wearing a Fred Jackson jersey. Maybe that’s why the Falcons suddenly have some mojo against the Bills. The Falcons have come back to tie things with the Bills at 17 in Toronto, getting some surprising pop from thei…
    • Halftime thoughts: Bills 17, Falcons 17

      TORONTO -- Offering some halftime thoughts as the Buffalo Bills are tied 17-17 against the Atlanta Falcons: 1. Quite the up-and-down half for the Bills. After taking an early 14-0 lead, they've allowed the Falcons to stay in this game. Who's to blame? I…
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  • Bills fumble away playoff hopes in Toronto

    TORONTO -- It's over. Not officially over, but it's over. The Buffalo Bills' slim playoff hopes were effectively dashed in Sunday's 34-31 overtime loss to the Atlanta Falcons. "We knew this was a game that we had to have," running back Fred Ja…
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    • Rapid Reaction: Buffalo Bills

      TORONTO -- A few thoughts on the Buffalo Bills' 34-31 overtime loss to the Atlanta Falcons: What it means: Wow. The Bills let this one get away. With the game tied late in regulation and the Bills driving, receiver Stevie Johnson fumbled after a catch, …
      Source: ESPN.com
  • Bills grab early lead, and Manuel pops back up

    The Bills have an early lead, but nearly had a bigger problem. Quarterback E.J. Manuel left the game after being drilled by Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, but was back after missing just one play. That was after the rookie quarterback put his tea…
  • Falcons coach doesn’t see edge in dome

    Falcons head coach Mike Smith has got to think that his team has caught a break today being afforded the opportunity to play the Bills in a dome in Toronto at the Rogers Centre instead of at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park. He tried to downplay how…
  • Why Bills should go for it on 4th today

    As Bills head coach Doug Marrone has stated more than once, the statistical evidence that says you should go for it more on fourth down cannot be applied in a vacuum. There are a host of other variables in a game that need to be considered in addition t…

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Atlanta Falcons Show Guts in Win Over Bills
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Bills and Falcons headed to overtime, eh
Falcons come back to tie Bills at halftime
Bills grab early lead, and Manuel pops back up