• Finally, you can own sneakers stained by the blood of Nick Collison (Photos)

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Aug 13, 2014
    Collison later returned to the game and all was well. Collison calmly sauntered over to the bench, sat down and bled some more while the trainers tried to clean him up; when they couldn't, Collison bled some more, stood up and calmly sauntered to the locker room to receive eight stitches. Collison began losing vital fluid after being clocked in the head by the elbow of Spurs big man Jeff Ayres while vying for a rebound, but continued going about his business until eventually the refs realized he was about four seconds away from sporting a Dusty Rhodes-style crimson mask and stopped play. well, unless you took a close look at his shoes, which had taken a little bit of splatter amid all that screen-setting and sauntering.
    Source: yahoo.com

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