• Fire Gillis, hire Trevor Linden? Vancouver Canucks changes could happen soon

    Summary of 20 articles · Updated Apr 9, 2014
    If Linden comes in, perhaps Gillis is gone. VANCOUVER - The Vancouver Canucks have fired president and general manager Mike Gillis a day after being eliminated from playoff contention. As the rumblings this morning suggested, change happened sooner than expected in Vancouver as the team fired GM Mike Gillis the morning after Rogers Arena fans let out the “Fire Gillis” chant at the end of an embarrassing loss. And wherever Gillis’ replacement comes from, we can expect him to be named some time within the next two months. And as we discussed yesterday, if the Aquilinis are controlling personnel decisions behind the scenes as much as reports have suggested, then will Linden and his new GM be able to affect the real change this team so sorely needs? This is surely a new dawn for Vancouver, but it remains to be seen if the rainy days will continue to linger. Ken Campbell of The Hockey News reports that Nicholson is in negotiations to become the next president of the team, speaking with Francesco Aquilini, the chairman of the Canucks, about the position. How did a two-time Presidents’ Trophy winning team go from Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final to a distant, declining also-ran in only three years? How did a team with too many world-class goalies end up with zero world-class goalies? How did an exciting, free-wheeling, offensive juggernaut fall to the same scoring depths as the Florida Panthers?
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    • Can Trevor Linden save the Vancouver Canucks?

      First off, let’s cut through the crap: The Vancouver Canucks don’t need to go through a ground-up rebuild. They don’t need to trade the recently signed Sedin twins or tank the 2014-15 season to chase after Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel. New president of…
    • Gillis firing fallout in Vancouver, more must-read NHL stories

      In today's must-read stories: What's next for the Canucks; Ovechkin breaks a puck; more.
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    • Bob Nicholson taking over Vancouver Canucks after spurning Capitals?

      [UPDATE: Seems it'll actually be Trevor Linden as the new President, according to TSN. Fall back or first choice?] When Bob Nicholson stepped down from his Hockey Canada presidency, travel considerations were one factor. He’s 60, the international hocke…
    • Gillis’ downfall as Canucks GM was loving his players too much

      As NHL GMs go, Mike Gillis was as aloof as they come. There was no room whose temperature he couldn’t lower simply by entering it. And that’s why it’s so ironic why he’s no longer employed as Vancouver Canucks GM: he loved his team too much. Gillis has …
    • Did Mike Gillis deserve to be fired by Vancouver?

      Children rationalize the darndest things, and this is one of my favorites: That it’s OK to smash, bash, break and shatter toys if it’s their own toys they’re breaking. The Aquilini family obviously feels the same way about the hockey team they own, the …
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    • Canucks, out of playoff contention, fire GM

      The Vancouver Canucks fired president and general manager Mike Gillis on Tuesday, a day after being eliminated from playoff contention.
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