• Five Saints on the cap bubble

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Jan 3, 2013
    Let’s look at some guys who could be on the cap bubble. He has a cap figure of $8.6 million. The Saints haven’t gotten much out of this linebacker. The Panthers currently have $136 million committed toward a 2013 salary cap that is expected to be slightly more than $120 million. Whoever ends up as the new general manager is going to have his hands tied in a lot of ways, because most of those contracts include so much guaranteed in base salaries and so much pro-rated money that it’s difficult, if not impos...
    Source: ESPN.com
    • Carolina's nightmare cap situation

      We took a look at the New Orleans Saints’ salary-cap situation. It’s far from ideal, but at least the Saints have some obvious ways to free up cap space. But I’m now looking at the numbers for the Carolina Panthers, and it sure looks like they’re
      Source: ESPN.com
  • New Orleans Saints believe they will be able to handle cap issues

    Saints expected to be about $16 million over the 2013 salary cap
    Source: nola.com

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