• Flyers' Couturier recovering from abdominal surgery

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Jun 11, 2014
    The cover of Sports Illustrated this week announces the NHL’s return to that most coveted of all states: hotness. The league has reached this scorching status for, presumably, the first time since 1994, when the cover on which this week’s issue riffs That June a brutal NBA Finals between the Knicks and the Rockets had basketball fans missing the dominant Bulls. But then, as now, Broadway’s own Rangers were in the Stanley Cup Final; then, as now, the NHL was in the midst of kvelling about its lively postse...
    Source: NHL.com
    • NHL should be happy with being a niche league

      Though it aspires to NBA-sized popularity, the NHL shouldn't complain about its current status.
      Source: CNNSI.com

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