• Flying bat: Segura leaves after pop from Braun

    Summary of 5 articles · Updated Apr 27, 2014
    Segura, who was scheduled to hit second for Milwaukee, was getting ready to emerge from the Brewers dugout in between innings when Braun, who was standing on the top step of the dugout, swung his bat around wildly and caught Segura flush on the side of his head. Replays showed Braun standing on the top step of the Brewers dugout, loosening up by swinging his bat back and forth, when Segura walked up from behind and got hit in the face. Segura was replaced by Jeff Bianchi. That's relieving news for everybody, including Braun, who commented on the incident following the game. He appeared to be holding the side of his head and looked to be in a considerable amount of pain, but according to the Brewers he did not suffer a concussion or any fractures.
    • Segura joins list of bizarre Brewers injuries

      There have been incidents with salad tongs, scorpions and cacti. And another with a thick phone book during a motivational session. While Jean Segura's injury from Ryan Braun's bat in the dugout Saturday night was scary, it was another in a long line of…
      Source: MLB.com
    • Ryan Braun Hits Jean Segura In Head With Bat

      In the first inning of Saturday's game against the Cubs, Ryan Braun—going through his typical warm-up routine in the hole before making his way into the on-deck circle—struck Jean Segura in the head as he whipped his bat around. Segura was taken out of …
      Source: deadspin.com

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