• For $10 million, you can get your two cents in with Astros

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Mar 15, 2013
    Yes, the Houston Astros have the smallest payroll in baseball. Despite the negative attention and criticism, Astros ownership and management have largely stayed on course, proudly explaining the organization’s vision in intricate detail and rarely contradicting themselves in public. The Journal's story examined the economics of Houston's rebuilding effort which, not to be confused with the Miami Marlins' throwing everything out the window, actually has supporters among the smartypantses of baseball.
    Source: chron.com
    • Crane challenges frustrated fans as Astros’ payroll draws national scrutiny

      Since the 2012 season ended, the rebuilding Astros have mostly presented a unified vision to fans and baseball followers, asking for at least two more years’ worth of patience while the large-market team targets a tentative 2015 launch date to again be
      Source: chron.com
    • Houston Astros owner: Fans can ‘write a check for $10 million’ if they want a better roster

      Yes, the Houston Astros have the smallest payroll in baseball. Yes, A-Rod will make more than their entire team this season. Yes, they're likely to lose the most games in 2013 (again). And no, owner Jim Crane, doesn't plan on ponying up any more cash to…
      Source: yahoo.com

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