• Former Venezuelan leader Chavez had big influence on MLB

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Mar 6, 2013
    Some Venezuelan players chose to talk about Chavez's death. The Venezuelan team played an exhibition game against the Miami Marlins hours after Chavez's death. Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez wasn't a fan of the United States. The team asked for a moment of silence to honor Chavez before the game. Whatever people think about Chavez and his politics, there's no denying that his country is a force in America's pastime. Chavez, Venezuela's charismatic and controversial president for the last 14 years who died of cancer on Tuesday, implemented policies that eviscerated the middle class, led to record inflation and made Caracas a more violent city than Baghdad during the height of the second Iraqi war. An international scouting director who frequently works in Venezuela described walking into the kitchens and living rooms of the young prospects he hoped to sign only to find the boys' mothers pleading with him to sign their sons.
    Source: CNNSI.com
    • Baseball reacts to the death of controversial Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez

      Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez wasn't a fan of the United States. He spoke out about our way of life, decried capitalism and called one of our presidents "the devil." But one thing Chavez - who died Tuesday at 58 - loved was our game. He adored base
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