• Garrett finally says Callahan to call offense

    Summary of 8 articles · Updated Jun 13, 2013
    Garrett and Callahan are tied together in this. It just finally got to the point this year since Bill Callahan has been here for a year. “This was perfect,” Callahan said. On June 4, owner and general manager Jerry Jones strongly hinted that Callahan would call plays, which was followed by Callahan confirming he would handle the role. Jason Garrett has finally acknowledged that he won’t call plays for the Dallas Cowboys next season. Brian Schottenheimer ran the same type of system as the New York Jets off...
    • Jason Garrett: Cowboys offense will be ‘collaborative effort’ but we want Bill Callahan ‘to put his stamp on it’

      IRVING — Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett set the record straight Tuesday after the team’s first day of mini-camp. Garrett said when the Cowboys coaching staff was finalized in late January that it was clear inside the organization that Bill Callaha
    • Jason Garrett finally admits Tony Romo will be ‘more involved’ in offensive game planning

      IRVING — On a day that will be remembered for Jason Garrett finally giving in and admitting that Bill Callahan will be calling the offensive plays this season, the Dallas Cowboys head coach changed his tune about Tony Romo’s involvement in the offense
    • Thoughts on Cowboys' play-calling thing

      All right. Everybody happy now? A week after sloppy messaging was the focus and all anyone wanted to talk about was Jerry Jones undermining his coach again, Jason Garrett admitted Tuesday that Bill Callahan has taken over offensive play-calling duties f…
      Source: ESPN.com

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