• Giants Need Some Help to Make Playoffs

    Summary of 5 articles · Updated Dec 24, 2012
    Here is the only way the Giants can make the playoffs If any of these four things do not happen, the Giants will miss the playoffs. Think about who the Giants really are. The Giants must WIN against the Eagles TALKING POINT If the Giants are not able to get the help needed to slip into the playoffs, what is the most glaring area of need that must be addressed in the off-season?The answer is they need a lot. Let’s take a closer look. Matchups 1) The Giants will be a significant favorite at home against the Eagles. The question, as it always does, becomes: "What happened?" And while there are many potential technical reasons for the failure of this year's Giants to be what they wanted and expected to be, it boils down to the fact that when they reached down inside for that something extra that was always there last year, it wasn't there anymore. They're not the kind of team that wins 12, 13 games and goes through long stretches where they get to feel comfortable about themselves and their ability to roll anybody in the league.
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    • Giants look to be out of magic

      I was fooled, I admit it. I bought in to the New York Giants' training camp assertions that they'd be different this year -- that they were a good enough team to build on their late-season and Super Bowl success and develop themselves into a consistent,…
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    • How do the Giants get in?

      Here is the only way the Giants can make the playoffs The Giants must WIN against the Eagles They will also need the Lions to beat the Bears, the Packers to beat the Vikings and the Redskins to beat the Cowboys to win the division. If any of these four …
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    • What Giants Need to Make the Playoffs

      The Giants surrendered a strong position in the playoff race in the last two weeks, and now have about a 7.5 percent chance of advancing.
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  • Myers: Giants proving they are no longer Super men of past

    This was no way for the Giants to defend their Super Bowl championship, going down without a fight the last two weeks. Where was the pride? Where was the sense of urgency? Where was the ability to rise above adversity and impose their will? Where were t…

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