• GM says Giants should've rested injured Nicks

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Jan 5, 2013
    Nicks’ foot and knee injuries prevented him from running, cutting and just about everything else that makes him Hakeem Nicks. The Giants tried to squeeze everything they could out of Hakeem Nicks’ injured body before finally taking him out of the game plan in the season finale. This week, the Giants’ quarterback, general manager and coach recapped the season in radio interviews, and one of the common themes was the impact of the injuries to receiver Hakeem Nicks, who broke a foot before the season and then injured a knee in Week 2. The Giants outscored their opponents by a healthy number. “In hindsight, I think if we had to think about it again, we would’ve taken him out a little quicker than we did,” Reese said.
    • Reese Agrees Nicks Should Not Have Played Down Stretch

      In all the analyses hitting the airwaves and net this week regarding what went wrong with the Giants this season, the one glaring reason is the health of WR Hakeem Nicks. No argument here. Nicks’ foot and knee injuries prevented him from running, cuttin
    • Hakeem Nicks and Giants' Lament

      The Giants' quarterback, general manager and coach pointed to the impact of receiver Hakeem Nicks's injuries in a disappointing 2012 season.
      Source: nytimes.com

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