• Gola: Eli, defensive line to blame for Giants' Super fall

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Dec 27, 2012
    And without those elements, there hasn’t been much on which to fall back. But the pass rush has been AWOL and it seems as soon as Phil Simms said that Eli Manning wasn’t an elite quarterback, he stopped playing like one. This 8-7 team isn’t anywhere as good as the 9-7 team that went into the 2011 playoffs, a team that expected to win, not one that can’t figure out why it lost.
    • NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin hasn't built bridges from last year's Super Bowl streak, Eli Manning and defensive line to blame

      An Aussie golf partner of mine is fond of a game called Skins and Validations. You can’t bank a skin, or win a hole, unless you at least tie the next hole. Thankfully, the NFL hasn’t instituted this practice or the Giants would be throwing a lot of Vi

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