• Gomes says Red Sox beards are coming off

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Jan 24, 2014
    Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes, who along with first baseman Mike Napoli had the thickest beards and helped perpetuate the phenomenon in the clubhouse, said Wednesday night he was shaving his before spring training. "No, I don't think we can do the beards again," Ross said in an interview on Boston sports radio station WEEI. "The beard's coming off," Gomes said at a Red Sox "town hall" event at Northeastern University. "Oh, yeah." Also, if you happen to be an opponent of Pierzynski and he starts jabbering during and at-bat, just "Turn around and tell him to shut the hell up," Gomes says. But it would be nice if Gomes is ready to play the role of the villain that Pedro perfected for a few years, whether it was drilling present-day hitters or threatening to do the same to Babe Ruth, if someone wanted to dig him up, as a way of thumbing his nose, pre-2004, at the famed Curse of the Bambino. Both teams need to be championship-caliber to have anything approaching the best of the Torre-Francona years, and for now the onus is more on the Yankees to prove they spent their money wisely this winter.
    Source: ESPN.com
  • Jonny Gomes' trash talk about Yankees could reheat rivalry with Red Sox

    This isn’t exactly Pedro Martinez fanning the flames of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, as he did better than anyone a decade or so ago. But Jonny Gomes wasn’t shy on Thursday about telling the world he’s not particularly impressed by what the Yankees have…
    • Jonny Gomes says A.J. Pierzynski will be a ‘good dude’ on Red Sox

      Jonny Gomes says for anyone worrying about A.J. Pierzynski causing a negative effect on the Boston Red Sox — don't. He's a "good dude." Gomes, who has become a guardian of sorts and a clubhouse leader for the Red Sox, says in a post at NESN th…
      Source: yahoo.com

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