• Gonzalez won't try to 'jump ship' on Falcons

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Oct 17, 2013
    Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez has not asked for a trade, and he won't try to "jump ship'' before finishing out his final NFL season. "I would never go and ask [the Falcons] for a trade,'' Gonzalez said. But there is no way I would think about jumping ship because I love playing for this team, I love playing for this city.'' Gonzalez said he had no interest in a deal and Falcons coach Mike Smith called it “preposterous” to bring up the topic, but chatter has persisted enough that Gonzalez was asked about it again on Thursday. Ever since word of wide receiver Julio Jones‘ season-ending foot injury came to light, there have been suggestions that the Falcons look to trade tight end Tony Gonzalez. Gonzalez addressed the media-and-fan driven trade speculation during open locker room Thursday. So if I can get to 5 yards, then they’re going to call it, it seems like, which is good news for me.
    • Double coverage of Gonzalez over the top?

      Tight end Tony Gonzalez has been double-teamed most of the season, but the Atlanta Falcons say at least one of those coverage schemes has been over the top. Specifically, the New England Patriots in Week 4 had a strategy in which they jammed Gonzalez wi…
      Source: ESPN.com

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