• Goodell opens press conference with defense of Super Bowl host

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    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell opened his annual “State of the League” press conference with a defense of New York/New Jersey as a host of the Super Bowl. We are looking at the idea of expanding that by two teams to 14,” Goodell said at his State of the League press conference. The football world has converged on New York City ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl, and on Friday, all eyes were on Commissioner Roger Goodell for his annual press conference. Goodell praised the efforts of those in the New York/New Je...
    • Big game has become the Super reward

      NFL Commissioner favors Super Bowls in 'as many communities as possible.'
    • NFL's Goodell mentions more playoff teams, replay

      If Commissioner Roger Goodell gets his way, change could be coming to the NFL.Click to Continue »
    • Roger Goodell stumps for more teams in playoffs

      NEW YORK — NFL commissioner Roger Goodell appears to be a firm believer in the saying “the more the merrier” — hence his ­determined pursuit of expanding the playoffs. During his annual Super Bowl address Friday, Goodell outlined the benefits — saying t…
      Source: suntimes.com
    • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: League made mistake in playoff tickets

      NEW YORK - NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says the league made a mistake in how it handled ticket sales for the playoffs that led to teams struggling to sellout postseason games.
      Source: indystar.com
    • Goodell blames NFL’s mistakes for sluggish playoff ticket sales

      In the days leading up to wild card weekend, the NFL found itself in an awkward position: Three of the four playoff games were in danger of failing to sell out, and therefore getting blacked out on local television. As it turned out, all of the games di…
    • No Timetable for Los Angeles Team, Goodell Says

      Commissioner Roger Goodell made his remarks in the wake of a news report that the owner of the St. Louis Rams had purchased 60 acres in central Los Angeles.
      Source: nytimes.com
    • Goodell sees “a lot of benefits” to expanding the playoffs

      NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sounds like a man who wants to see more teams in the playoffs. “We currently have 12 teams qualify for the playoffs, as you know. We are looking at the idea of expanding that by two teams to 14,” Goodell said at his State …
    • Top Three Takeaways from Goodell's Address

      Here are my personal top three takeaways from Roger Goodell's address in New York on Friday.
      Source: chargers.com
    • Goodell lukewarm on more cold Super Bowls

      Standing beneath a little good-natured artificial snow Friday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was luke-warm about the prospects of future Super Bowls played in open-air stadiums in other cold-weather cities.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • NFL commish Roger Goodell won't rule out another cold-weather Super Bowl

      NFL commissioner Roger Goodell warmed the hearts of fans in cold-weather cities such as Denver as he voiced praise for holding the Super Bowl in the frigid New York-New Jersey area and expressed a need to bring the nation's most popular sporting events …
    • Roger Goodell in favor of replay changes, expanding NFL playoff field from 12 to 14

      NFL commissioner Roger Goodell issued his state-of-the-league address on Friday, and he firmly hinted that change could be coming in terms of the handling of replay for games and a bigger playoff field. Goodell was asked about the possible expansion of …
      Source: yahoo.com
    • Roger Goodell enjoying NY/NJ Super Bowl, avoids question about more cold-weather venues

      NEW YORK – When Roger Goodell stood on stage talking about the New York/New Jersey Super Bowl and the weather, fake snow started falling from above him. "I told you we were going to embrace the weather," Goodell joked. It was quite funny, but …
      Source: yahoo.com
  • Davis tackles tough subject with Goodell

    Vernon Davis put on his reporter’s hat Friday when he asked NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a question during his annual news conference. The San Francisco 49ers tight end hit a hot-button topic when he asked about why former players don’t receive health…
    Source: ESPN.com
    • Roger Goodell smacks down question about health care from Vernon Davis

      One of the toughest questions of Roger Goodell on Friday came from a face he recognized well. San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis got his turn and after introducing himself and affiliation of MMQB.com ("I know who you are Vernon," Goode…
      Source: yahoo.com
  • Roger Goodell dances around Redskins name question

    While insisting the league is interested in hearing feedback from those who oppose it, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell gave no indication he didn’t support Redskins owner Dan Snyder’s position on his team’s name. Goodell was asked Friday if he would “fee…
    • Goodell: It's the name of a football team

      NFL commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t answer the question, but instead steered a query about the Washington Redskins' nickname controversy back to comments that are consistent with those he has made over the past year. Goodell was asked during his annua…
      Source: ESPN.com
  • Goodell unaware of “stadium development” plans at Hollywood Park site

    At his annual Super Bowl press conference Friday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he was aware Rams owner Stan Kroenke had purchased 60 acres of land outside of Los Angeles, but Goodell also said he did not know of any designs on turning the sizable…

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