• Goodell wants more information before disciplining Irsay

    Summary of 5 articles · Updated May 21, 2014
    As Goodell continues to take his time about disciplining Irsay, it’s looking like there’s a double standard applied to owners. But Goodell doesn’t always wait for formal charges before disciplining a player. Goodell was asked about possible discipline for Irsay, and his answer was brief. The league firmly and repeatedly has said it can discipline players without charges being filed, but Goodell clearly wants to see how serious the case is before he comes down on Irsay. “So when has having enough information been what Roger Goodell waits for to make these decisions?” Clark said on “First Take.” And people who feel that Goodell perhaps is too closely aligned with the teams' owners most certainly will be watching to see how the commissioner handles things if any charges do come. Clippers owner Donald Sterling may lose his franchise for privately expressing pigheaded but hardly illegal views on matters of race invites a compelling argument that creating a public safety hazard should at a minimum result in swift and decisive discipline of some sort for one of the 32 people who hold the paper on NFL franchises.
  • NFL isn’t applying a double standard to Jim Irsay, yet

    It’s become fashionable over the last two days to accuse the NFL of applying a different standard to Colts owner Jim Irsay than the rules that are applied to players. The truth, however, is that the NFL hasn’t applied a double standard when it comes to …
    • Ryan Clark: Handling of Irsay shows hypocrisy of the NFL

      At the NFL meetings in Atlanta this week, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that he was holding off on any discipline for Colts owner Jim Irsay “until we have more information and more facts.” Irsay was arrested on charges of vehicle while intoxicated…

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