• Greatest NFL coaches: No. 9, Joe Gibbs

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Jun 3, 2013
    Joe Gibbs came in at No. 9 and that got me thinking: What if Gibbs had been the first coach of the Carolina Panthers? It could have happened. Would things have turned out differently if Gibbs had taken the job? That’s tough to say. Gibbs eventually returned to coach the Redskins in 2004 and made the playoffs twice in four seasons. Our countdown of the top 20 NFL coaches of all time reaches No. 9 today , and that's where we find Washington Redskins coaching legend Joe Gibbs, winner of three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks. But it's still something no one has ever done, and it bolsters Gibbs' credentials as the type of coach who could have been great in any era one who clearly understood that great coaching means figuring out how to get the very best out of the people you have, not assembling a team out of the kinds of guys you want. One of those quarterbacks was Doug Williams, who told Ashley Fox the story of how Gibbs was going to trade him to the Raiders prior to the 1987 season but told him he'd changed his mind: The whole win-Super-Bowls-with-three-different-quarterbacks thing looks even more impressive from our present-day vantage point, with the franchise quarterback established as the essential ingredient without which championships can't be won. He's an all-time Redskins legend, one of the most beloved figures in franchise history and certainly a worthy member of any list of the top 10 coaches in NFL history.
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