• Happy Father’s Day, now let’s be good fathers

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Jun 16, 2013
    It’s important to make sure the fathers in our lives know we appreciate what they do, even though the truly good ones don’t need to hear it.  Time is often the best gift, and the Royals were in chirpy moods on Sunday as they've been able to share some time with their fathers. Any man with the properly functioning body parts can father a child, but being a father requires much more than that. "Elliot told me about it, and I had to call him back three times to make sure I got this story right," Johnson's proud father said. On Father’s Day, we should take a minute or two to consciously embrace for another year the duties that go along with providing for the safety, the shelter, and the future or anyone who relies on us. This is how we travel.' I feel good that the team has given [me an] opportunity to give my dad this experience of being here in the big leagues to visit and be on the field for the first time ever, being here at batting practice, [to] see how everything is run."
  • Father's Day highlights importance of family for players

    For many Major Leaguers, their baseball careers first started in the backyard. And there's usually one constant: They were playing with their dads. Teams across the league celebrated Father's Day with a host of different special events.
    Source: MLB.com

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