• Harbaugh and Tomlin share testy handshake

    Summary of 7 articles · Updated Dec 5, 2012
    While Tomlin accepted the handshake, he didn't respond to Harbaugh. If you watched the tense handshake exchange between the Steelers' Mike Tomlin and the Ravens' John Harbaugh, you know they didn't say much. The postgame incident generated some buzz because it looked like Tomlin rushed the handshake and Harbaugh appeared upset by it. But John Harbaugh said today that he was surprised to hear people thought he and Tomlin had an issue, because he said there was nothing unusual about it. It then sounded like Tomlin responded, "Thank you, good job ." "No, really I don’t know anything about the speculation," Harbaugh said today at his weekly news conference. "I haven’t seen any of that. Nothing uncomfortable at all. It's a general practice for me but, obviously, it took special effort to secure that victory and when I noticed that guys were headed to the locker room I was in a hurry to get there."
    • Tomlin, John Harbaugh have awkward handshake after Ravens-Steelers game

      You know how postgame coaches' handshakes are supposed to work: the field generals, surrounded by a retinue of local police trying hard not to smile for the TV cameras, meet at midfield and handshake, share a dude-embrace, and offer up some local steakh…
      Source: yahoo.com
    • Tomlin-Harbaugh handshake weird

      In one of the most bitter rivalries in sports, now it seems like the head coaches can't get along. Shortly after Shaun Suisham's field goal won the game for Pittsburgh, the Ravens' John Harbaugh calmly walked up to the Steelers' Mike Tomlin at midfield …
      Source: ESPN.com

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