• Haslam claims Browns aren’t dysfunctional, with a straight face

    Summary of 12 articles · Updated Feb 12, 2014
    The owner repeatedly said the team isn’t dysfunctional, and he blamed the perception that the Browns are dysfunctional on the local media. And there’s good reason to be happy Haslam made this change. Haslam spoke in his news conference in a way that would have made the Governor of Tennessee proud, a man who just happens to be Haslam’s brother. Dysfunction junction: The Browns might have made the right move in jettisoning Banner and Lombardi, but the owner needs to stop blaming the media for fueling the pe...
    • Cleveland Browns might have gotten it right even while adding to their dysfunctional reputation

      Observations from another house cleaning in Berea.
      Source: cleveland.com
    • Haslam streamlines way to new front office

      BEREA, Ohio -- If what Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam did on Tuesday was streamlining, it would be downright frightening to see his overhaul. The coffee cups might not even be safe. Haslam blew up not only his front office structure on Tuesday, but…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Jimmy Haslam's latest front-office shakeup is only proof of dysfunction to the media. Trust him - Bill Livingston

      More upheaval from the Browns' owner who preaches stability. But, guess who's fault that is? Certainly not that of the owner with the itchy trigger finger.
      Source: cleveland.com
  • Cleveland Browns part ways with Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi: What people are saying (slideshow and video)

    Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam's latest moves have people wondering if he's incompetent ... or is finally getting it right.
    Source: cleveland.com
    • Banner forced out by Cleveland Browns

      In a major front-office shake-up by the Browns, former Eagles exec Joe Banner is victim of streamlined operation.
      Source: philly.com
    • Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam on having to part ways with Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi: "I underestimated this''

      Browns owner Jimmy Haslam acknowledged he's made some grave mistakes in his first 16 months as Browns owner. He's already wiped out two whole regimes.
      Source: cleveland.com
    • Cleveland Browns' owner Jimmy Haslam redefines the term "trigger happy" - Bud Shaw

      Jimmy Haslam brought more change to Berea Tuesday with the announcement that Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi would be leaving the organization. From here, it's full speed ahead unless the FBI has something to say about it.
      Source: cleveland.com
    • Haslam: Browns won’t replace Banner with another CEO

      The Browns have already replaced former General Manager Mike Lombardi. But they won’t be replacing CEO Joe Banner at all. In the early stages of Tuesday’s shock press conference, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam said he would not be replacing Banner. Team pres…
  • Peyton Manning could be Cleveland’s best hope

    Sure, the Browns could use a quarterback like Peyton Manning. Over the long haul, they’d be better off with an executive like Peyton Manning. With Jimmy Haslam restructuring the front office to remove the buffer between owner and G.M., a spot has now be…
  • Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam: Shakeup will streamline the organization, set the stage for winning

    Haslam tells reporters that it was time to streamline the organization and that the old structure was cumbersome.
    Source: cleveland.com

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