• Heat Echo Clippers Halfcourt Protest; Equipment Guy Picks Shirts Up

    Summary of 4 articles · Updated Apr 28, 2014
    Source: deadspin.com
    • Heat Show Solidarity With Clippers During Pre-Game Silent Protest

      The NBA community has rallied behind the Los Angeles Clippers after their owner allegedly made pathetically racist comments on tape. You know the particulars, but last night the Clippers had their own silent protest before Game 4 in Oakland, and the Hea…
      Source: dimemag.com
    • Heat show support for Clippers with silent protest

      The Miami Heat showed solidarity with the Los Angeles Clippers over the Donald Sterling controversy before Monday night's playoff game against the Charlotte Bobcats.
      Source: nba.com
  • Heat drop shirts at half-court, wear warm-ups inside-out before Game 4 to show solidarity with Clippers (Video)

    Shortly after taking the court for Monday's Game 4 against the Charlotte Bobcats, the Miami Heat went en masse to center court at Time Warner Cable Arena, took off their T-shirts and dropped them in a pile, revealing inside-out shooting shirts underneat…
    Source: yahoo.com

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