• Heat's focus remains on big picture, not win streak

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Mar 8, 2013
    Per-game turnovers, however, have been the smaller story that have created the larger picture of the Heat’s win streak. Until Miami’s win over Minnesota on Monday, the Heat had fewer turnovers than their opponents in 16 straight games 14 of which were part of the winning streak . The day it comes where our streak gets broken we move on to the next game. Turnover percentage is the statistic that admittedly might capture the larger picture with its lack of regard for a game’s pace it’s why turnover percentage is included in the Four Factors of winning basketball. James scored with 3.2 seconds left on Wednesday night, lifting Miami to a 97-96 win over the Orlando Magic.
    Source: nba.com
    • The Other Impressive Streak Within Miami’s Win Streak

      Miami’s franchise-record 16-game win streak hasn’t been constructed on a single load-bearing beam. There are dozens of ways the Heat have arrived at a better score than their opponent every night since Feb. 3 - and if you have the SportVU tracking s
      Source: dimemag.com

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