• Hester frustrated with role in Bears' offense

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    With two catches in three games, receiver Devin Hester said Friday he is frustrated with his role in the Chicago Bears' offense. Although Hester is still the Bears’ primary kickoff and punt returner, he hasn’t been involved much in the offense, and he says he’s getting frustrated. Hester, who played only 11 offensive snaps against the Rams, told reporters that he doesn’t know any more than they do about why he isn’t a bigger part of the Bears’ offense. But if Hester wants to get his hands on the ball more, he should be sure he catches the ball when it does hit his hands. “It’s hard being one of the top electrifying players in the league and you’re not able to get your hands on the ball as much as you want,” Hester told Jesse Rogers of ESPNChicago.com before Friday’s practice. “We try to get him the ball. Hester, running down the right sideline, faked as if he were stopping, getting rookie cornerback Morris Claiborne to freeze, then bolted for the goalpost. ET, but the game will be hard-pressed to reach the drama level of last Monday's affair We've discussed a few aspects of this game, from the apparent mismatch the Bears' defensive line should have over the Cowboys offensive line, to quarterback Jay Cutler 's dismal record in prime-time games on the road , to the Bears' aggressive but unsuccessful attempts to get the ball down the field through three games.
    • Devin Hester asks, then receives

      Devin Hester, who had two catches for 27 yards in the Bears’ first three games, wanted more opportunities. But he didn’t walk into offensive coordinator Mike Tice’s office, knock his pencils off the desk and make any demands. “It was kind of a jok
    • Cowboys’ Morris Claiborne unhappy with play after getting burned by Chicago’s Devin Hester: ‘I played horrible’

      ARLINGTON — Morris Claiborne has played well in his first three games in the NFL. The Cowboys’ first-round pick has held his own at the starting cornerback spot opposite of Brandon Carr. But he allowed his first score of the year Monday night against

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