• How the Jaguars handle trash talking

    Summary of 11 articles · Updated Jan 29, 2014
    The Jaguars have done some in-house trash talking, though. While I don’t think Harbaugh would mind if some of his players talked a little trash, it really doesn’t happen much. Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy isn't a fan of trash talking by his players, especially when it involves his team's biggest rival. They also can be quite engaging with the media, but they usually stop well short of anything that would qualify as trash talk. But because of the sea change and paradigm shift that has occurred in ...
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    • How the Dolphins handle trash talking

      When Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin took over the team two seasons ago, he quickly changed the overall personality to fit his mild-mannered demeanor. Philbin got rid of boisterous players such as Brandon Marshall and Vontae Davis before he coache…
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    • How the Cowboys handle trash talking

      IRVING, Texas -- When Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett talks to his players for the first time, he tells them to be brief and boring with the media. It’s something the coach has mastered, although he is more forthcoming when the television lights go o…
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    • How the Jets handle trash talking

      Thanks to Richard Sherman's big mouth, trash talking is one of the front-and-center issues at Super Bowl XLVIII. The New York Jets happen to be well-versed on this subject. Who can forget Bart Scott's "Can't Wait!" rant after the Jets' stunnin…
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    • How the Eagles handle trash talking

      PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly hasn’t publicly addressed trash talking specifically -- he tends to let his veteran leaders police the locker room -- but he has zero tolerance for any physical escalation. When the Eagles practi…
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    • How the Packers handle trash talking

      Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy isn't a fan of trash talking by his players, especially when it involves his team's biggest rival. So when Packers tight end Jermichael Finley criticized Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher in 2012, it didn't si…
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    • How the 49ers handle trash talking

      Jim Harbaugh is one of the most animated coaches in the NFL. Whether on the sidelines or in news conferences, he is apt to deliver some verbal gold. He has even occasionally taken aim at the opponent. He once made a comment about Seattle players getting…
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    • How the Broncos handle trash talking

      ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- It's a free country, sure. Free speech is certainly covered in the Constitution and all. But if the line is crossed and a player wanders into the too-much-free-speech, too-many-bad-decisions zone -- the kind that draws a penalty or n…
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    • How the Raiders handle trash talking

      Go ahead, admit it: when you saw Seattle’s Richard Sherman going off on 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree following the NFC title game, you thought Sherman would have made for a perfect Raider … albeit, an old-school Raider. But because of the sea change …
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    • How the Buccaneers handle trash talking

      TAMPA, Fla. -- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers haven’t been a team known for trash talking since the days of Warren Sapp and Keyshawn Johnson. That is not likely to change now that Lovie Smith has taken over as head coach. Smith’s philosophy on trash talking i…
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    • How the Rams handle trash talking

      ST. LOUIS -- It should tell you all you need to know about how St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher views trash talking that one of his first moves upon taking over in 2012 was signing cornerback Cortland Finnegan to a lucrative five-year contract. Finnegan…
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