• Hugh Douglas again clashes with a co-worker, this time at ESPN

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Aug 6, 2013
    Hugh Douglas spent ten seasons as an NFL defensive end. “We are aware there was a disagreement between Hugh Douglas and Michael Smith on Friday. PFT has confirmed that Douglas will not be on Numbers Never Lie on Monday, but whether Douglas and Smith will be able to work together or whether Douglas can keep working at ESPN at all has not been determined. Just as they were wrapping up, Douglas approached them. A source speculates that Douglas, outnumbered by non-jocks, felt left out. Smith and Hill, after a...
    • Report: Hugh Douglas threatened to attack ESPN colleague Michael Smith, shouted racial slurs at him

      Former Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Hugh Douglas threatened to beat up his ESPN colleague Michael Smith three times while intoxicated on Friday night, according to a report by The Big Lead.
      Source: philly.com
    • ESPN Fight: Hugh Douglas Called Colleague Michael Smith "Uncle Tom"

      Last Thursday, at the National Association of Black Journalists Convention and Career Fair, Hugh Douglas, the former Eagle and current NFL analyst for ESPN, was very drunk. A day later he would be both drunk and combative, and, as The Big Lead first rep…
      Source: deadspin.com

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