• Ignoring Summer League, Roy Hibbert Is Training With Tim Duncan

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    Roy Hibbert guards Tim Duncan during game action in 2012 Hibbert was down in San Antonio this week working out with Tim Duncan. Tim Duncan, the future Basketball Hall of Famer that led the San Antonio Spurs to within a game of the NBA title last June, is currently working out with Roy Hibbert, the center that led his Indiana Pacers to within a game of those NBA Finals just a few weeks before. From Hibbert’s account, via Pacers.com: Hibbert’s work with the the Spurs and Tim Duncan has already paid dividends: the big fella has become one of the best low-post defender’s in the league, and has drastically improved as an offensive player with a more diverse collection of back-to-the basket moves than a lot of centers including a pretty left-handed hook. Hibbert is a must-follow on Twitter for various reasons, but for the bulk of the offseason months he is notoriously prolific with his workout updates, often posting Vines or pictures to let Pacer fans know that he and fellow Pacer center Ian Mahinmi are not taking his time off lightly. The Pacers have improved considerably on the roster that gave Miami all it could handle last spring, and the defending conference champion Spurs are one of several teams from the West that should have just about an equal chance at representing their conference.
    • Important offseason news regarding Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert

      This is how he fits inside an airplane bathroom: It's August 22nd. Enjoy your free website offseason.
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    • Roy Hibbert Has Gotten Huge This Summer (Photo)

      We’ve been tracking Roy Hibbert‘s off-season pretty closely here at Dime. His social media presence alone has made him an interesting Twitter follow. He’s also been lifting quite a bit in preparation for next season. But we had no idea how big he’s gott…
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  • Roy Hibbert Wants You To Know He's Too Tall For An Airplane Bathroom

    So you were wondering whether a person who's 7-foot-2 can squeeze into the bathroom on a airplane. Never mind. You likely weren't wondering that at all. But Pacers center Roy Hibbert posted proof of the answer on his Instagram anyway. And the answer is …
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