• Inside the Eagles: Bryce Brown came up big for Eagles despite killer fumble

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Dec 3, 2012
    Bryce Brown has proven two things in the last two weeks. "There's no excuses," Brown said of his fumble. Of course, when the Eagles needed him to secure the football, he could not. Brown has had little experience. He hardly played in college. It is hard to be having this conversation, or this daydream, without knowing who the coach is going to be next season or what kind of offense he might choose to run.
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    • Eagles' Brown has enormous promise - if he learns to hold on to the football

      ARLINGTON, Texas - Time moves so slowly now. For the Eagles, for all of them, the end cannot come soon enough. The destruction has been wrought, and the smoke floats lazily over the ruins, and the only thing preventing the cleanup from beginning is the …
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  • Brown’s emergence gives Eagles options moving forward

    Bryce Brown has proven two things in the last two weeks. One, that he can run well enough to be an NFL starter. Two, that LeSean McCoy has nothing to worry about as the Eagles’ starter. Brown has 347 rushing yards and four touchdowns the last two weeks,

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