• Is This the Right Blueprint for the Jets?

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Dec 9, 2012
    TALKING POINT Will the Jets’ blueprint for victory Sunday a revived running game, a scaled-back offense and solid defense continue to escort them into the A.F.C. playoff picture? The Jets, and Sanchez, will take progress where they can get it. Scoring a touchdown, not a field goal, became important when the Jaguars got deep into Jets territory on their final drive. In complementing starter Shonn Greene , Powell provided the offense with a spark it lacked in recent weeks by extending drives and executing c...
    Source: nytimes.com
  • Powell, Greene carry the day for Jets

    On the seven-play drive that sealed the Jets’ win over the Jaguars, Mark Sanchez handed the ball off on each down, to the same tailback, Bilal Powell, as time ticked from the third quarter into the fourth. All but one of the rushes moved the ball forwar

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