• Jaguars to unveil new uniforms tomorrow

    Summary of 17 articles · Updated Apr 24, 2013
    They are just uniforms after all. These are the Dolphins new uniforms below. We got a look at the new Jaguars uniforms on Tuesday and it appears we’ve also gotten a glimpse of what the Vikings and Dolphins will be wearing in the future. Unveiling new uniforms for the second time in five years, the Jaguars’ latest look includes a two-tone colored helmet, a first in the league. We’ll leave it to PFT Planet to decide whether or not that’s better than what the Jaguars showed off on Tuesday. Other popular content on Yahoo! Sports: • Jets may be the losers in Darrelle Revis deal • NFL mock draft: Did any QBs make the cut in the first round? • Should Justin Verlander, other aces, worry about lost velocity? • Kobe Bryant says he won't tweet during Lakers-Spurs Game 2
    • Internet leaks pictures of new Vikings' uniforms

      The Vikings were set to reveal their new uniforms at their draft party Thursday at Mall of America Field, but an inadvertent photo leak on a Jacksonville TV news website beat them to it.
    • Jaguars fans react to the team's new uniforms

      [View the story "Jaguars fans react to team's new uniforms" on Storify]
    • Jaguars show off new uniforms

      The Jaguars made NFL history Tuesday at EverBank Field, and it had nothing do with a game or a draft pick. Unveiling new uniforms for the second time in five years, the Jaguars’ latest look includes a two-tone colored helmet, a first in the league. Alon
    • The Jaguars Unveiled Another Set Of Silly New Uniforms Today

      We were all so young back in-what-April 2009? The Jaguars unleashed a new array of uniforms back then, and they were "streamlined," teal and black. A later redesign added occasional gold accents. Today, the Jaguars unveiled new uniforms, also "streaml
      Source: deadspin.com
    • New Dolphins Uniforms Leaked!

      The new Miami Dolphins uniforms were leaked this afternoon, courtesy of UniWatch. I usually like to stay objective with this type of news. After all, fashion is subjective. But I just can’t hold my tongue on this one. I have no problem with the new desi
    • Jaguars unveil new uniforms

      The Jaguars unveiled their new uniforms Tuesday, during a presentation full of flash and marketing buzzwords. And while tastes in clothing are subjective, I think my sartorial expertise allows me to say with authority - these things are kind of ugly. Th
    • Live blog: Jaguars reveal new uniforms at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday

      Follow along and join in the conversation as we blog live from the news conference to reveal the Jaguars' new uniforms. News conference begins at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.Live blog from Jaguars uniform reveal
  • After more time with Jaguars' new duds

    Your best look at the Jacksonville Jaguars new uniforms comes with a series of photos you’ll find here. I’m still struggling to get a handle on the helmet. Pictures make it look as if it sort of shifts from the black matte to the gold as it reflects l
    Source: ESPN.com
  • Jacksonville Jaguars’ new uniforms are extreme! Awesome! And other catchy buzzwords!

    So the Jacksonville Jaguars have unveiled their new uniforms, and, well ... they're something new, that's for sure. They're like the unholy offspring of a Hot Topic and a Fall Out Boy CD from 2006. Hey, why bother sorting between different potential uni…
    Source: yahoo.com

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