• James Baker to lead Houston's Super Bowl bid

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Feb 25, 2013
    McNair asked Baker to spearhead the city's bid for the 2017 Super Bowl, and Baker gladly accepted. "Hopefully, they will be able to think well for what I've done for this country," Baker said. Secretary of State James Baker sat with Houston Texans owner Bob McNair at the team's playoff victory over Cincinnati in January. Bush, will serve as the honorary chairman of the local bid committee.  Texans owner Bob McNair broached the idea to Baker during the team’s playoff victory over Cincinnati in January, adm...
    Source: ESPN.com
    • Baker brings heft to Houston’s lobbying efforts for 2017 Super Bowl

      There are heavy hitters, and then there are people like former Secretary of State James Baker, who has been a party to negotiations as monumental as the breakup of the Soviet empire and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Who better to sell the NFL on staging …
      Source: chron.com
  • Former Secretary of State to participate in Houston’s Super Bowl LI bid

    There’s a former Secretary of State who is assuming a significant role in an NFL project. And it’s not Condoleezza Rice. The Texans have announced that James Baker, who served in that role under President George H.W. Bush, will serve as the honorary c

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