• Jazz, Favors agree to 4-year extension

    Summary of 14 articles · Updated Oct 21, 2013
    The Utah Jazz have signed Derrick Favors to a four-year contract extension. The Jazz on Saturday announced the 22-year-old Favors had signed a multi-year contract extension. The Jazz are betting that after such a season, Favors will have emerged as the sort of restricted free agent to whom some team would have offered a max deal forcing the Jazz to match at that level. Sacramento PF DeMarcus Cousins’ extension was for 4 years and $62 million, an amount that Favors could have demanded in negotiations. This is a back-of-the-envelope calculation, but Favors amassed 4.4 Win Shares last season according to basketball-reference.com, and under a value of $1.7 million dollars per win , the result is a player worth $7.5 million for last season’s contributions. Rookie-scale contracts have given teams time to assess talent, but they still have to make bets on very young players, often committing borderline star money to guys who have never worked as anything close to primary options or who have perhaps not even started for their own teams.
    • Utah Jazz: Favors, Kanter still learning to mesh in frontcourt

      Los Angeles • It is easy to understand, all at once, both the hope and the concern. There was Derrick Favors, the 6-foot-10 forward, pulling down 17 rebounds earlier this month against the Portland Trail Blazers, blocking shots and finishing at the rim.…
      Source: sltrib.com
    • Favors’ Extension and Dennis Lindsey’s Thoughts on the Jazz – Salt City Hoops Saturday Show

      On this week’s Saturday Show, Andy Larsen, Austin Horton and Dan Clayton talk about Derrick Favors newly signed extension with the Utah Jazz. Is 4 years, $49 million too much, a bargain, or just right for the young big man? We’ll talk about how his deal…

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