• Jeremy Lin Delivered Bad News To The Wrong Teammate

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Oct 30, 2012
    Jeremy Lin thought he was doing the right, veteran thing. “I was like, ‘Hey, it’s Scott, it’s not Jeremy,’ ” Machado said of his conversation with Lin. Lin just called the wrong rook when he heard about the trade with Oklahoma City. The only problem was that he called the wrong rookie. He meant to get Jeremy Lamb on the phone, but instead got a hold of Machado, who was sitting in his car, paralyzed with fear he’d been cut. Via Ultimate Rockets: This past weekend's stunning trade of speedy scorer Kevin Martin for bearded upgrade James Harden only accelerated the youth movement, as did general manager Daryl Morey's subsequent roster moves to trim Houston's roster to 15 players 27-year-old cuts Gary Forbes and Shaun Livingston were two of the three oldest players on the Rockets' depth chart.
    Source: dimemag.com
    • Rookie mistake: Jeremy Lin scares Scott Machado with goodbye call meant for traded Jeremy Lamb (VIDEO)

      As we noted in last week's season preview, this season's Houston Rockets will be a very, very young team. This past weekend's stunning trade of speedy scorer Kevin Martin (nearly 30 years old) for bearded upgrade James Harden (barely 23) only accelerate…
      Source: yahoo.com

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