• J.J. Watt on fast track to special place in Houston sports history

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Sep 8, 2013
    This time, Antonio Gates will know who J.J. Watt is. The Chargers tight end is still the team's No. 1 passing threat but said blocking Watt or trying to is part of his job. Fluker said he welcomes the chance to go against Watt, calling him a "very physical" performer. Since then, the third-year Texans defensive end has casually thrown out too-good-to-be-true lines previously reserved for comic-book superheroes and stars Hollywood no longer creates. “Money doesn’t motivate me. Greatness motivates me.”
    Source: chron.com
    • Now, Antonio Gates knows Watt's up

      Antonio Gates was amazed how sleek J.J. Watt is considering how strong he is.

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