• Joakim Noah Breaks His Silence After Deng Trade

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Jan 13, 2014
    Never was this more apparent than the recent silence by Joakim Noah following Chicago’s trade with Cleveland, which jettisoned Luol Deng out of the only city he’s known since coming into the league. "The trade definitely hurt," Noah said, adding that he had spoken to Deng about it. "But we got to move on. After the trade, Noah missed eight media sessions over five days, refusing to speak to any reporters about his “brother,” Luol Deng. When Joakim Noah brushed past the local media covering Chicago’s Friday evening pairing with the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday afternoon, it was a continuation of a days-long media boycott in the wake of the Luol Deng trade. ESPN Chicago’s Nick Friedell was there to document Joakim’s take on things: So Noah remained mum, skipping post-game Q&A sessions and keeping clear of any media while he mourned the loss of his frontcourt brother-in-arms. After the Bulls held off the Charlotte Bobcats on Saturday night for the team’s eighth win in 10 tries, though, the All-Star center decided to perch up at his locker and share his thoughts with the assembled scrum.

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