• Jordan Gross restructures deal with Panthers

    Summary of 8 articles · Updated Mar 29, 2013
    Veteran left tackle Jordan Gross has taken one for the team. The Panthers were between $1 to $2 million under the cap before Gross took his cut. "The Panthers and I came to an agreement that everyone was happy with and allowed me to continue my career in Carolina," Gross said. "... This deal only enhances that reputation as Gross is helping the Panthers get out of cap trouble now and in the future. However, if Gross is on the roster five days after Super Bowl XLVIII, his contract will automatically void, making him an unrestricted free agent once the 2014 league year begins. The move frees up $3.2 million for the Panthers under this year's salary cap. “For me, I was told by the team that they wanted to do something and it took us a while to get to it because I had to think about it a lot but in the end it was a situation that was good for me and my family and good for the team so it made sense.”
    • Gross, Kalil weather changes

      The 2013 season may be the final year Jordan Gross and Ryan Kalil play together on the same offensive line.Click to Continue »

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